Thursday, January 7, 2010

I am Vinod Dave'. I have lived in California since 1971. I have been living with my wife Niranajan Dave' in the city of Los Alamitos, California, for the last thirty three years. Los Alamitos is a small city adjacent to Seal Beach and about eight miles west of Disneyland. I have three children: Giatri. She is a radiation Oncologist, Gargi. She is a lawyer. And Datta, a consultant. He has a film company called Tulsea co., in Bombay, India.

I have been performing Hindu and inter-faith weddings for the people from all regions of India for the last thirty two years in California. I have also performed destination weddings for the young Indo-American couples to the places like Bali, Cancun, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Big Fork, Montana, and on some cruise ships. I am scheduled to perform an inter-faith wedding on April 9 and 10th 2010 in Costa Rica.

I have also performed weddings of world renowned journalists. And have done Puja/prayers for Hollywood producers, actors and businessmen. I have had the honor and privileged to do prayers at the opening of the Visual Computing Lab for Tata Elxsi company in Santa Monica, California.The parent company of this company is 150 years old and is located in Mumbai, India. The company is ranked number 11 out of 600 global companies on the basis of honesty and ethical business practices. The parent company has made the most economical car in the world called Nano. I have also had the pleasure to do Ganesh puja for the families who have won an Oscar for the movie titled Slum Dog Millionaire.

I have had helped many families in their grief: Accidenatl deaths, suicides, funeral, Shraddha, life support in the hospitals.

If you or your friends are interested in my services, please contact me at:

Vinod Dave' 11092 Lexington Drive, Los Alamitos, CA 90720, USA.
Telephone numbers are: 562-493-6678 and 562-787-0111. E-mail: Web site: and

Humbly Serving the Indo-American community for the last thirty two years in California.

Thank you.

Vinod Dave'